A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

In Sickness and Health: “Do dogs get car sick?” posits a member of the Hill Hounds email list, who goes on to explain, “In the morning when I take the dog along in the car to drop the kids off at school, she will begin to drool excessively. She doesn’t do this every time, but maybe 3 out 5 days. I try to keep the window open for her, but it is getting cold and I don’t want to freeze the kids. I will stop taking her and get up even earlier to walk her beforehand if she’s getting sick. Does anyone have any experience with this?” One member responds, “Our dog did this excessively for months and then would also vomit at some point. It was disgusting. We tried everything in the books and what finally did the trick was we gave him part of an English muffin once while we were driving and he never drooled again. Not that I think English Muffins are magical, but somehow a treat seemed to break the spell. No amount of holding or petting or anything helped except that damn muffin.” (Other members suggested crating the dog to give her a sense of security.)

Candy Metrics: “We’d love to know how many trick or treaters we usually get in this neighborhood,” writes a new resident of Shepherd Park on that neighborhood’s email list. “We were in Cap Hill last year and ran out of candy with all the kids.? Thanks for any tips on how much we’ll need to get!” Another member similarly inquires, “Same here, we’d love to know! Is trick and treats going on in our hood?” A longer-term resident advises, “We have lots of children and youth on Halloween. We gave six medium-sized bags of candy last year and were a bit stingy as the candy became more scarce. Enjoy the evening!”

That’s That: The Brightwoodian reports, for once and for all, that the Brightwood car barn on Georgia Avenue won’t be protected by the Historic Preservation Review Board, as it doesn’t have enough integrity to merit a historic designation. “So, since Foulger-Pratt signed the lease on the property a couple of weeks ago, I suppose we can expect the construction of a Walmart to begin, oh, any day now,” the blog writes.

Cleveland Park, ISO: A member of the Cleveland Park email list sends this well-meaning request: “My beloved almost 14-year-old stepdaughter is 6’3 with a 40 inch inseam. We have enough trouble finding pants and cool jeans long enough for her but pajamas are even harder. I’d like to get her some nice, cozy fleece pajama bottoms for Xmas eve but internet searches are failing me. Men’s bottoms are just too big in the waist as she’s quite slim,” she writes. “Does anyone have any ideas?? Maybe some seamstress out there could make us a pair? (Though I’d like to not pay $100 for a pair of custom jammy bottoms.)” A second member of the list is also in search of an oboe instructor for a beginning student.