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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Halloween Advisory Committee: The Halloween questions continue! The Bloomingdale Blog has a bevy of inquiries for the occasion. “What are Bloomingdale’s Halloween traditions? Do the kids Trick or Treat on Monday? From when to when? How many kids can you expect? If the weather is nice, are people out on their stoops, or do kids have to go to the door? Or do kids take off and go to another neighborhood?” A lone commenter responds, “This year will be our fifth Halloween in Bloomingdale. Our first year, our door got knocked on twice – once by a 5 year old in costume with a parent, the other by two 14 year-olds in flannel shirts and jeans with pillow cases expecting candy by barely saying ‘trick or treat'” (InShaw has some additional words on lazy teenage trick-or-treaters). The commenter continues,” The last couple of years we’ve gotten 10 or 12 knocks on the door all by legitimate trick-or-treating kids. It has always happened on the day of Halloween, yes. Timing-wise, it’s what you’d expect – a little after dark (6:30ish) until 9 or 9:30. By 10pm we close our door and windows.”

And, Goodbye: And Now, Anacostia is ceasing operation. The nearly four-year-old blog posted a lengthy farewell message today, which included this reasoning: “Until now, I’ve kept up the blog because I know it’s still a resource. Some of my favorite emails are the ones from people saying they’ve read the blog and are interested in moving to or buying in the neighborhood. Or from people finally feeling like their home turf is being celebrated. But I’m no longer a first responder in Anacostia. At this point, I don’t “happen upon” those incremental changes, or attend the neighborhood and Ward 8 meetings like I used to. Without being there day in and day out, I’ve lost a large part of the voice that made this blog the resource it once was.” And Now, Anacostia’s author, David Garber, currently resides in Near Southeast, where he serves on ANC 6D.

It’s Getting Colder and You’re Getting Distant: In response to one member’s inquiry on securing firewood—”Has anyone had good experiences with a company or individual for firewood delivery?”—a second member of the New Hill East email list writes, “FYI-the District is under quarantine for importing hardwood firewood.” A third member asks, “If the ban affects interstate movement what does a ‘state’ like DC do which has no within the state source of firewood?” Responses are varied: “The legal way to get around the ban would be to get pine, or some other non-hardwood. The emerald ash borer is a big problem (remember when the elms started to die), and the issue is bringing in wood that may be from ash trees” and “There are firewood companies that are USDA approved to provide firewood. There is one in Chantilly that sells only kiln dried firewood and has USDA approval,” offer other list members.

The Brave Little Toaster: “Does anyone know where I can get a toaster repaired? The heating elements in mine seem to have stopped functioning,” writes a member of the Chevy Chase email list. They add this anecdote: “My parents owned a small, unostentatious, but completely functional toaster for 35 years. I, on the other hand, have gone through at least six toasters over the past ten years, and none has been capable of reliably producing evenly-browned, unburnt, toast. I’d appreciate any suggestions for a good replacement, as well as repair information.” (Presumably, the irregularity in toasting has gotten so frustrating, a backup is needed.) In response, another list remember recommends Danco in Silver Spring.