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Huffington Post D.C. calls last night a “horrible Halloween” after six shootings across the city, including one in Georgetown, where conditions continued to degrade:

The shooting sparked a wave of young people who made their way on foot along Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Foggy-Bottom-GWU Metrorail station at 23rd and I streets NW.

Many of them were visibly disturbed — some were weeping, others were yelling threats or calling for their friends. A few people ran, but most walked in loosely knit groups. Three young women told The Huffington Post they had witnessed the shooting in Georgetown, but none was willing to say who they thought might be responsible.

Within minutes, violence broke outside the Metrorail entrance, where an argument between two young women devolved into a street fight involving 20 to 30 people. Traffic was completely halted on 23rd Street, and one female eyewitness described the scene as “a gang war.”

Mayor Vince Gray is giving a press conference at 11:30 today to discuss how the city is responding to the recent spate of shootings over the last few weeks.