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It’s unclear just how “local” the new local D.C. Lottery contractor is, says Loose Lips. Veteran Services Corp. won the ability to administer the $38 million contract in part on the strength of being a local business.

Now Marie Drissel, the city’s most vocal opponent of the District’s plan to legalize online gambling, has unearthed a city document that raises more questions about the local company. The document is a site visit report by two city employees who visited VSC’s listed address in August 2009 to make sure they were eligible to be certified as a local business, or in city-speak, a CBE. VSC’s “office” was in Barbara Bailey‘s family room in her home on Mississippi Avenue SE. (Barbara Bailey is a former city government employee who reportedly worked with Gray back in the ’90s; she’s also Emmanuel Bailey‘s mother and is currently listed as VSC’s chairman.) VSC’s entire office consisted of two computers, two desks, a printer, and two chairs in Barbara Bailey’s family room.

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