The Washington Post Express may need some help in the math department after their front page subtracted 6.3 billion people from the global population in a story about the world hitting the 7 billion mark. Journalists may not always be that great at math, but this is taking it a bit too far. Unfortunately, the Newseum caught a snapshot of their mathematical errors, which is now available to the 6,972,184,335 (or so) people in the world.

The Examiner also had some funny business on its cover this morning.

A Thai child apparently killed a nun…with an oar? The front-page headline reads, “Illegal immigrant guilty of killing nun” and “Deportation had been pending for 2 years.” The hed was coupled with a picture of an approximately two-year-old Thai child paddling through waters in a tub. Is he attempting to escape the rising floods in Bangkok or…arrest?