A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

A Different Definition of Northwest: A member of the Foggy Bottom email list wonders whether a Giant could replace the closing Safeway in the Watergate: “Giant has hardly any presence in our market, has anyone approached them? Unlike, WF, which was well represented in the area before it built the FB store (16th & P, Glover Park, Tenley Circle, Friendship Heights, Clarendon, Duke St.,etc.), Giant only has one store in NW, on Wisconsin Ave. between Glover Park and Tenley Circle. A ‘nice and new’ Giant store in FB could draw NW residents from outside our immediate area and, maybe, even crowds close to TJ’s levels.” Hmm, Columbia Heights and Shaw, which each play host to a Giant store, are still in Northwest, right?

Daylight Savings  Tips: A member of the Takoma Park email list has tips for surviving the uptick in crime that comes with earlier-darkening days: “- Please be aware of your surroundings and avoid talking on the phone or listening to your music device as you walk home. – Travel with others, if possible. – If you see streetlights out, please report the outages to 311. In order to do so, you need to provide both the location and the pole #, which is usually marked with a raised metal plate or with reflective #’s at approximately eye-level. – If you see anything suspicious, please report it to MPD by calling 911. Please note that 911 is the correct # to call for both emergency and non-emergency issues for police, fire and rescue.” In short, watch your back—which you should do regardless of the season.

Sexy Colonel? In Shaw notes that some candy collectors really got into the sexy Halloween costumes: “One of the girls was dressed in a colorful bright costume, the other two, not so bright and they were all using their purses to collect candy. One of the less brightly dressed gals was about 2 cm away from indecent exposure, with her breasts nearly falling out of her push-up cleavagy bra-like thing. When I asked what she was supposed to be, she said Army sergeant or lieutenant. Slutty Army sergeant?”

Praise for All Hands On Deck: Congress Heights on the Rise says the MPD program was a good thing: “[…] If it wasn’t for an AHOD I would have never had the opportunity to get to know the police who patrol my neighborhood, including the very awesome and very dedicated Assistant Chief Diane Groomes.  I just love that lady, and one of my fondest memories is of seeing her and about 25 other officers from 7D patrol my streets during a particularly gnarly weekend of crime a few years ago. It’s hard to prove a negative (that crime was deterred) but I can’t deny my positive feelings in seeing the police on the streets in force, even temporarily.”