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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Not So Safeway: Members of the Chevy Chase email list were discussing the legitimacy of a new Safeway policy that requires shoppers to have their bags and receipts checked while leaving the building. The new strategy was implemented a few months ago in a store in Southwest due to shoplifting. One of the members said, “[We] recently moved from CC to the DuPont Circle area, we are not enjoying Safeway’s newest anti-theft initiative: inspecting shoppers’ bags and requiring evidence of a cash register receipt before leaving the store.” The member adds that it was insulting experience, and urges others to speak to their store managers before the policy reaches them. However, other members didn’t seem fazed by the security measure. One writes, “I can’t see considering a bag search policy ‘insulting.’ I have occasionally walked to my Safeway and carried away items in a big backpack. To allow 15 seconds or less to help our local stores check a growing theft problem with an overall (i.e. non-profiling) search policy seems reasonable.”

A Less Vicious Cycle: According to the Convention Center Community Association, there’s a possibility that shiny, new infrastructure for cyclists might appear around Mount Vernon Square. The blog writes, “DDOT’s going to look into whether—with all the pedaler traffic going south toward CityVista/Safeway and points beyond, and with NJ Ave and 6th St being too hazardous for most cyclists—sharrows and and a reverse (south bound) bike lane might be a good solution for bike traffic on 5th.” It also notes that the agency may consider a cycletrack for 6th Street. However, all of the above will take much massaging at the ANC level and is likely quite far off.

Too-Good Samaratins: A member of the MPD 4D email list recounts an incident of fraud that occurred to a neighbor: “She was approached in the parking lot of the Silver Spring Giant on East-West Highway by two African-American women, one acting as the primary and another acting as the ‘innocent’ bystander. The first came up to my neighbor claiming that she found a lost wallet with a lot of money in it.( A wallet was shown, seemingly full of 20 dollar bills). The second person, who just happened to overhear their conversation suggested that they all split the proceeds.” Giant staffers said they were already aware of the scam.

What the Flack?: Musical icon Roberta Flack was discovered in the District, but just where she made her debut is up for debate.  The Georgetown Metropolitan says she was discovered at what used to be Mr. Henry’s (it’s now a clothing store). But a reader disagrees, writing, “I hate to contradict you but there never was a Mr. Henry’s at 1225 Wisconsin Ave. There was one at Tenly Circle and the famous Mr. Henry’s of Roberta Flack fame is at 601 Pennsylvania Ave SE on Capitol Hill.” On the singer’s website, it does state that she was discovered at a Mr. Henry’s, but it doesn’t specify which.