Hoo boy:

The Ward 8 council race has its official first dust-up, and it doesn’t even include Councilmember Marion Barry.

Jacque Patterson, former head of the Ward 8 Democrats and almost at-large council candidate, tells LL he’s going to make a run at Barry’s seat: “I’ve got my wife’s approval, I’m gonna run.”

An official kickoff is scheduled for later this month. Patterson says he informed Barry, who is expected to seek re-election, of his plans last week. Patterson stressed that he doesn’t plan on attacking the Grand Poobah of District politics in any way shape or form.

“You don’t run against Barry,” says Patterson. “You speak to what is really hurting and happening in the ward.”

But that doesn’t mean Patterson himself won’t be on the receiving end of some political fisticuffs. ANC Commissioner Darrell Gaston, who is also seeking to dethrone Barry, has scheduled a news conference tomorrow where he says he will present evidence that Patterson is a no good signature forger.

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