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Occupy This: Everything was going relatively well between the Occupy D.C. protesters and the various police agencies charged with patrolling downtown D.C.—until, that is, a car hit three protesters Friday night by the convention center, and police declined to charge the driver because he had a green light. In response, Occupiers criticized the Metropolitan Police Department’s handling of the incident. Lo and behold, Chief Cathy Lanier suddenly declared the group was getting violent. Moral of the story: Decry corporate greed all you want, just don’t say anything bad about MPD. -3

Million Dollar Maryland: The state to our north and east turns out to have more going for it than just Ikea, crabcakes, and The Wire. A new study says Maryland has the highest percentage of millionaire households in the nation, with 7.22 percent, just edging out Hawaii, at 7.21. +1

The Friendly Skies: Going to the airport is a hassle these days, what with the TSA trying to grope you and your flight likely to be overbooked. Apparently one man was driven to extremes by it all today at Dulles—he stripped down naked and wandered through the terminal. Worse: He kept his shoes on, meaning he couldn’t have actually boarded a plane, anyway. -1

Going In The Right Direction: Last year, the San Francisco 49ers were 6-10, same as the Washington Redskins were. This year, the Niners are 7-1, and the Redskins—after losing yesterday, 19-11, to the visitors from California—are 3-5. Afterwards, coach Mike Shanahan said the team was “going in the right direction,” even though they’ve now lost four games in a row. Which means besides whatever problems the team has, fans also have to worry that the coach doesn’t actually understand basic English. -2

Friday’s Needle rating: 37 Today’s score: -5 Today’s Needle rating: 32