Sidwell Friends football got some attention after Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton showed up for the season-ending game with rival Maret last weekend.

Things didn’t go so well for the Fighting Quakers under the spotlight, with Maret doling out a 42-0 beating.

That meant Sidwell finished up 4-5. While that mark shows the squad’s not yet ready to take on the Green Bay Packers, it seems positively Super Bowlesque to anybody that followed how things went for Sidwell in 2010.

Last year’s squad was winless and in all but one game was “slaughtered”—meaning a loss of 35 points or more, in which cases referees invoke the “slaughter rule” and instruct the timekeeper to keep the clock running in hopes of mitigating massacres.

Unlike the Redskins management, everybody involved in Sidwell football admitted that last year was a rebuilding year, with nearly half the varsity made up of freshmen and having only one senior suit up some weeks.

Sidwell Friends, now loaded with sophomores and juniors, was outscored only 241-176 this year. The success of the rebuild showed in Sidwell’s 32-7 win over St. James; last year, St. James doled out a 52-7 beating that was worse than the scoreboard indicated. And before three slaughters in the last four weeks of this season—56-7 to Potomac School, 46-0 to Flint Hill, and 42-0 to Maret—the underclass-heavy lineup was actually posting a winning record and outscoring its opposition by a wide margin.

Some folks didn’t like me pointing out Sidwell’s football debacles last year, resulting in one of the bitterest/funniest comment loads you’ll find on this site.

The football gods were apparently upset by my story, too. Proof: This year, my beloved Falls Church Jaguars went 0-10 with four slaughters, and were outscored 385-85 on the season.

And they’re getting a Falls Church High education.