A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Rumored Post Office Closing: A member of the LeDroit Park email list is worried about the possible closure of the T Street NW Post Office: “I am advised by the employees at the ‘T Street Post Office’ (14th and Wallach Place NW) that operations will close on December 31st of this year. They have also been told that there is no plan to open a new post office location. If this is in fact the case, it is a serious blow to Ward 1 postal services. As we all know, “T Street” is typically jammed with people, as is the much smaller operation at Kalorama and 18th St. The Temple Heights office at 1921 Florida Avenue is also very busy. Losing ‘T Street’ or any of those facilities will have an adverse impact to be sure.”

Dead Cat Laundering? One member of the Newhilleast list wants to find a self-service laundry: “My neighbor is looking for a laundromat near 15th and Independence Ave SE. Her cat died last night on her bedding and she doesn’t want to infect anyone else’s animals with a possible cat disease.” Another member of the list doesn’t think this is such a good idea: “Possible cat disease? Could your neighbor please NOT bring it to a laundromat?? Maybe it’s time for some new sheets.”

Getting Trivial: New Columbia Heights has a rundown of local trivia nights, including the one at Wonderland: “Wonderland, Monday nights starting at 7:30. This trivia used to be packed all the time with varying degrees of question quality. Lately, however, it’s been less packed and there have been less impossible questions (I remember one night where every question was basically trying to teach you a lesson about how much cars pollute.) You get $100 off your bar tab if you win, and the regular bartender Andy is a nice guy.”

Be Very Afraid. Frozen Tropics notes the launch of the Chupacabra food truck: “A chupacabra is a mythical beast known to suck the blood of livestock. @ChupacabraDC, the other hand, is the Twitter account for the new DC food truck Chupacabra that launches tomorrow with a full stock of tacos for your enjoyment. Chupacabra will offer both traditional, and not so traditional tacos (think turkey tacos complete with stuffing). There will definitely be some tasty vegan taco options. The truck comes to us via two of the partners in Sticky Rice (1224 H Street), so I suspect we’ll see them on the H Street Corridor sometime soon. The same owners have discussed opening a taco stand right off H Street, so this may be a way of testing the waters and building demand first.”