You’re Under Arrest: Turns out the people nabbed by police for driving around upper Northwest with expired license plates weren’t the only ones caught in the District’s law that allowed the practice. More than 3,400 drivers were arrested in the last two years for the same thing, with 256 people actually locked up; they just don’t appear to have been able to get in touch with Virginia Sen. James Webb to get him to complain about it, like the folks in the recent cases. -2

Occupy The Highway: Camping in Zuccotti Park apparently isn’t hardcore enough for some Occupy Wall Street protesters—so they’ve decided to walk from New York to D.C. to join the Occupy encampment in McPherson Square, in time for the end of the deliberations of the congressional debt supercommittee. They’ll stop along the way in places like Elizabeth, N.J., and Laurel, Md. With Thanksgiving traffic soon approaching, walking may actually be a faster way to get between the two cities than taking Megabus. +2

You Don’t Have Mail: Get those holiday packages mailed early this year if you want to send them from the post office at 14th and T streets NW. That location will close on Dec. 31, according to D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham. The good news: There’s another at 19th and Florida, not too far away, and there’s also email. -1

Stop Or I’ll Shoot: The night shift can be boring for uniformed Secret Service agents assigned to protect diplomatic missions; except when Iranian agents are allegedly plotting to blow up Saudi officials at Cafe Milano, after all, there’s not much intrigue. One agent, apparently, decided to alleviate the dreariness early this morning with a little gunfire. The agent’s weapon discharged while he was sitting in his cruiser in the 2600 block of Tunlaw Road NW, near the Russian consulate. 22 years ago, that would have caused a major Cold War incident. Today, it’s just a brief in a snarky news roundup. What a country! -1

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