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Yesterday afternoon on WJFK-FM’s “LaVar and Dukes Show,” the hosts took a short break in between LaVar Arrington’s JoePa-enabling monologues (seriously, the Penn State Board of Trustees would have removed Arrington from the airwaves if he said “He followed protocol!” one more damn time) to bring on the Washington Post’s Jason Reid.

Awesome radio ensued.

Reid went off on Mike Shanahan like nobody with that big a megaphone has ever gone off on the Redskins coach.

The hosts were discussing Shanahan’s failure to put a decent quarterback on the field during his time in DC when Reid started throwing haymakers, and didn’t stop.

Some highlights from the anti-Shanahan rant*:

The reality of it is, when [Shanahan] opens his mouth, I just stop listening now. He either does something ridiculous, like stake his reputation on two quarterbacks who can’t play, or he says he didn’t say something he said, or he says he was just saying it at the time just to say it because he has to do that with the media, or he says he did a great job preparing a team that got embarrassed 23-0 in Toronto. He doesn’t tell the truth, and when he does say something he actually believes, he’s so non-sensical, like he’s staking his reptuation on two inept quarterbacks. I…I….I can’t respond to someone who doesn’t make sense and lies through his teeth!

Even if you just count [the number of quarterbacks Shanahan’s failed with here] at three, that’s at least two too many, ok? Now, when you talk about him failing at quarterback, I mean look, it is the most important position. I’ve talked to people who have told me that he truly believes that Beck was better than any quarterback he could take in the draft. Now, a lot of this is his arrogance, ok?  All NFL coaches, Type A personalities, alpha males, those guys are arrogant. That’s just the way it is. This guy takes it to kind of unprecedented levels, especially when you consider his last decade in Denver. He missed the playoffs six times, including his final three years. He did a colossally poor job on player personnel. He never could get it right on defense, changed coordinators nonstop. So when you tell me that you’ve blown it on possibly four and definitely three quartberacks and how can he keep his job, Chad, this is how he keeps his job: Because Dan Snyder did such a collossally poor job for the decade-plus that he ran this team, he has absolutely no choice now but to let this guy have the full five years and try to work it out. Because here’s the thing, fellas: If he doesn’t give him the five years, he won’t even be able to get a guy like Jim Zorn to take this job again. He’s got to give him the five years….

My thing is, the drum that I’ve been banging for weeks is, in year two, there’s just simply no reason, with two full free-agent cycles, two full draft cycles, in spite of limitations of the uncapped year and in spite of the lockout, and two full offseasons of trades, that they should simply not be competitive at this point. I mean, they don’t have to win all their games. They don’t even have to win half of their games. But the product that he’s putting out there now on the offensive side of the ball, where he is supposedly one of the best that ever lived, is simply unacceptable. And if it’s simply unacceptable in year two, what you’re saying to me is there’s a fundamental problem in the program. And if there’s a fundamental problem in the program, that doesn’t necessarilhy mean somebody has to be fired, but it means that at the end of the season it has to be assessed whether he is capable froma player personnel standpoint of doing this on his own. And if he’s not, he needs help, and he needs help quickly.

The reality of it is, this guy is one of the all time arrogant guys ever. And you can talk about your system, people say they have injuries and that’s why they’re not scoring. that’s crap. They weren’t scoring when they had their full complement of personnel. It’s like in the movie ‘Rush Hour’ when Chris Tucker says to Jackie Chan, ‘Do you understand a word that’s coming out of my mouth?’ The reality of it is, even though he’s talking, I hear him say things, but I don’t understand a word that’s coming out of his mouth.”

Can’t wait ’til Reid brings that level of heat in his columns.

*A royalty check is headed to The Great Dan Steinberg for infringing his Steinography™ patents. It’s way harder than it looks, people!