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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Not So Grand Larceny: Members of the New Hill East email list are having trouble with car break-ins. After being hit for the second time one member voiced their frustration, “[I] don’t know about the others, but nothing in my car, I had a pack of gum in the center (open) console. Also nothing in any of the seats, or change holders, and I left my glove box open so they could see nothing was in there either.” When attempting to figure out why the robbers are breaking into cars one member thought the thief or thieves had a thing for Toyotas. However another member thought sometimes it could be a case of mistaken identity, “I knew some folks once that kept getting their SUV broken into, nothing stolen. Turns out the person doing it thought it was someone else’s car (part of a bad breakup, it appears) and was ‘getting back’ the new boyfriend.”

War of Words: The Georgetown Metropolitan Blog posted an update on the rift between Georgetown residents and students. The ANC wrote to the university’s zoning commission and said they believed “GU’s grudging, small-scale responses to community concerns throughout this case have been disappointing.” One commenter felt the city was turning a “blind eye” to student houses that leave trash out, and said they should start giving out fines to deter the behavior. Another disagreed stating that “Even the most conscientious of students end up with three or more cans lined up in front of their residence making an eyesore and driving down property values. All to fight a problem that has no solution…or to steal from a good outlook…if there is no solution to the existence of rats in a city then there is no problem.”

All Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven: Members of the Chevy Chase email list were rejoicing today because a missing dog that was hit by a car is still alive. The owner said, “he has a hurt leg and is headed to the vet, but he is home and seems to be ok.” A user was excited to hear about the pup’s safe return, “Unbelievably good news…Sounds like the family has a modern version of “Lassie Come Home”. I have been worrying about Boss for over 24 hours.”

Undercover Brother: In Takoma Park, residents have witnessed undercover Metro officers surveying the area, “I even witnessed some arrests being made by those officers. The operation is being conducted day and night.” One member of the email list suggested that would be criminals could tell that these undercover operations were going, but another disagreed. “No, I could not observe but when I saw some young men look like young criminals hanging on my property I introduced my self and then only they mentioned that they are undercover cops.”