#1 In Your Hearts, #9:30 In Your Programs: Touring bands always give a shout-out to the 9:30 Club when they play there, and even if some of the real legend behind the brand was forged at 930 F Street NW instead of 815 V Street, you get the sense they really mean it. Apparently, Billboard agrees. For the third year in a row, the club won the magazine’s Top Club award. Yeah, we know, it’s based on attendance, but people wouldn’t crowd in there if they hated it, would they? +2

Now Boarding, Silver Line To Dulles: Construction had already begun on the Metro line to Dulles International Airport, but there was one final matter awaiting resolution—who would pay for the last bit of track. Now the feds, Metro, and Virginia have announced a deal for the nearly $3 billion the line will cost to finish. The station at Dulles won’t be underground, and some grand plans may have to be scaled back to get the project in on budget, but hey, it still beats the bus+2

Milky Way: Coffee drinks at Starbucks are getting bigger and bigger—the 20-oz. Venti was recently surpassed by the 31-oz. Trenta, and we’re sure the 64-oz. Monstruo isn’t too far off. But at neighborhood shops, things haven’t gotten quite so crazy. So when Pound coffee, in Eastern Market, accidentally ordered 48 cases of milk instead of 48 gallons, winding up with 192 gallons total, it was a bit of a problem, since they’re not serving up 31 ounces of the stuff at a time. The shop got rid of the extra the old-fashioned way: By giving it out for free. D.C. Central Kitchen took 100 gallons; the rest went along with the purchase of any latte. +2

What Earthquake?: The National Cathedral is ready to reopen this weekend, two months after an earthquake damaged it badly. (And not long after the White House declared the city an official disaster area, due to the same trembler.) There’s a full program of events; no word on what the appropriate hymn to ward off future seismic trouble is. +1

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