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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

X-Rated: Frozen Tropics announced that a new restaurant would be coming to H Street NE called “Xclusive.” Readers question the name and whether it will be a nightclub or strip club. One commenter poked fun at the venue’s name, “this sounds more like a NOT so Xclusive CLUB. What are people thinking when they name an establishment like that? It usually means they are the complete opposite of what the actual word means. I don’t see this as good news.” Another said, “$20 says this is a strip club. Exhibit A: begins with “X”

Arrested Development: Congress Heights on the Rise weighed in on the controversy surrounding Natasha Dasher, owner of Uniontown who has been charged with felony drug trafficking. The blog writes, “personally I was shocked to the point of nauseousness. However, just because the details are particularly provocative doesn’t mean we should suspend our hopes (and expectations) for East of the River.”

Ghost House: Renew Shaw went out to Ninth and Q this weekend and photographed the renovations of several businesses in the area. There were a few surprises found after construction removed a “rotten old side bay.” Ghost signs from previous businesses were found painted on the side of the buildings.

Going Batty: A resident from the Chevy Chase email list found an injured bat in Rock Creek Park Friday while taking a stroll with her dog: “He didn’t have any noticeable physical injuries but it was obviously not well, to be on the ground. I have heard that there is a terrible bat disease killing bats up north.” Another member had a similar experience earlier in the week, “While walking my dog, I stepped near, but I don’t think on, a bat. It was right on the trail, lot’s of leaves around. It was not the same trail, but deeper in the woods.”