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The federal Washington types who read Mike Allen‘s Playbook email from Politico every day live in a status-conscious world. As the New York Times Magazine reported last year, Allen personally emails the daily political tipsheet to 3,000 people each morning using Outlook; another 25,000 or so subscribe through the Politico site and get a different version of the email. The one Allen sends is a bit more bare-bones, but it usually comes earlier, and it comes straight from the source—so it’s the one you’ve got to have to show you’re not just some low-level press flunky, you’re a player.

Except today. The hand-sent edition of Playbook just landed at 1:56 p.m., though it was posted at 7:05 a.m. on Politico and arrived in lower-profile inboxes within ten minutes. So Allen attached an apology in the version he sent out to his personal list:

APOLOGIES to the faithful members of this friends-and-family list for Playbook’s aloha schedule today. Playbook went out to the wider world normally. But I send to this list personally, and it turns out I was migrated overnight to an email system that didn’t have BCC, and will only send to a few addresses at a time. So thank you for your patience and encouragement, and we’ll figure out something better for tomorrow morning.

Since most of the people that the advertisers who pay thousands of dollars a week to reach through Playbook probably get it from Allen directly, you can bet they’ll have it fixed pretty fast.