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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Sometimes A Food Desert Isn’t A Food Desert: H Street Great Street checked out the new Aldi. “We swung through and were most impressed with the view of the Capitol from the checkout lines.  Various pantry items were very inexpensive, but you wont find a wide array of produce or any organic items here.  Note they accept debit, not credit and take a harder line on bringing your own bags than is required under DC law.  The Washington Post checked out the ribbon cutting and somewhat confusingly cites the Aldi as opening in a ‘food desert.’ It is literally across the street from a Safeway.”

The Problem With Possums: A member of the New Hill East email list doesn’t like some of the wildlife in her backyard: “Does anyone else have an issue with possums in the area? I called animal control a few days ago about a possum I found in my backyard, and I was told they would not remove it because it would go away on its own. Today, I came home to two possums on my fence and I’m concerned about potential possum pregnancies. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

Lock Your Windows: New Columbia Heights reminds us about basic safety tips: “Just heard a pretty scary story from some folks on 11th Street: over the weekend at about 3 am, some thieves went into their house through an unlocked window and stole their TV, laptop, iPod and video game machine. Two of the housemates slept through it, while another heard the noise, but assumed it was one of the others coming home. The thieves then let themselves out through the door.”

Moving On…Over: The Georgetown Metropolitan is moving, in the third person, of course: “While GM is only moving a handful of blocks to the west, it means he’s moving from the East Village to the West Village. GM weighed in on the differences between the sub-neighborhoods a while ago. Not surprisingly, as a East Village resident at the time, GM came down on the side that living on the east side was better. But GM looks forward to settling into his new immediate neighborhood and learning the charms of the west side.”