Suspected shooter Oscar Ortega

UPDATE: Oscar Ramiro Ortega, the man who allegedly hit the White House with a bullet in a shooting Friday night, was arrested near Indiana, Pa., shortly after noon on Wednesday.

Good thing the White House has double-paned windows with bullet-resistant glass:

Authorities are investigating two bullets that hit the White House, one of them apparently cracking a window on the residential level where President Barack Obama and his family live.

The Secret Service was investigating Wednesday whether the shots were connected to reports of shots fired last week while Obama was headed to a summit in Hawaii. The Secret Service said it discovered the bullets Tuesday.

Federal officials have now set up a joint task force to investigate last week’s shooting. Local police have been warned the suspect should be considered unstable.

A bullet cracked the outer window but was stopped by ballistic glass. U.S. Park Police now have an arrest warrant out for Oscar Ramiro Ortega, who is believed to have fired shots from a semiautomatic rifle near the White House Friday night. At the time, he was stopped by police, then released.

Photo via U.S. Park Police