Assassin: The man who was arrested yesterday after police found a connection between him and the bullet that hit the White House last Friday has been charged with attempted assassination of the president or a member of his staff. According to WUSA, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was pretty upset about U.S. policies. -3

Not-So-Funemployment: Half of District residents with a record may be unemployed, according to a new study: “The report being released Thursday by the Council for Court Excellence in Washington finds in a survey of 550 previously incarcerated individuals that 46 percent were unemployed.” -4

Where Old Parking Meters Go To Die: Congress Heights On The Rise blogger Nikki Peele is pretty upset about the “new” parking meters being installed in Anacostia: “You ‘new’ parking meters come equipped with battle scars, dents, dings, missing paint, and slots for you to deposit your coins,” Peele writes. “If this is the ‘new’ Ward 8 I kind of prefer the old one. At least then the parking was free.” -3

Occupiers Get Moving: Occupy D.C. protesters marched through the city to Key Bridge this afternoon. “The groups say they picked the Key Bridge because it represents U.S. infrastructure in need of repair. Protesters want more union labor hired to repair infrastructure.” It seems like this might have been a better idea if it happened when commuters weren’t trying to get home. -1

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