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In response to last week’s report that Metrorail employees are working crazy amounts of overtime and seeing high levels of fatigue, Metro has announced it will start enforcing a 14-hour cap—-but the Board isn’t too impressed:

Maryland representative Michael Barnes said he questions whether it is safe to have 14-hour shifts when he thinks of his daughter riding the system twice a day, using the escalators, tracks and trains.

“The answer is no. I think that is too much, personally,” he said. “Fourteen hours is way too much.”

[D.C. representative TomDowns also called it a “failure of management” that employees did not know about supposedly mandatory training to teach them about fatigue. He also said he was “appalled” to learn that the agency does not enforce a ban on workers having second jobs outside of Metro, saying the agency needs to outline clear policies and clear penalties for workers who moonlight. It is not clear how many workers have second jobs.

Photo by Flickr user cuttlefish using a Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license