I wonder at the placement of a policy-heavy piece on Nancy Pelosi in the Post’s Style section this morning:

You can disagree with the House minority leader, of course, or spend at least $65 million running 161,203 ads against her, as Republicans did in the past election cycle. But she hasn’t been slowed or trivialized. Even out of power now and with approval ratings that suggest those ads portraying her as the Wicked Witch found an audience, Pelosi has worked overtime to take back the House — attending 311 fundraising events nationwide and bringing home $26 million for Democrats.

Pelosi remains a political powerhouse, yet a story about her current legislative interests gets relegated to a page that also has a review for the latest Twilight film. It’s hard to imagine a similar story on a high-ranking congressman being placed there. Still, story author Melinda Henneberger writes via e-mail, “Seriously, have no complaints ever about being published in the Style section.”

Meanwhile, the Post lady blog Henneberger’s working on that was supposed to be launching this week has been delayed. She writes, “As one of our writers said, it wouldn’t be a blog if it launched on time!”

Photo by jennifer donley via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License