Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Bruce Allen was ostensibly hired to be the general manager of the Washington Redskins.

But since taking over the back of the shop late in the 2009 season, Allen has never gotten any credit for doing basic general managerial tasks, the basicest being putting together a team’s roster.

Instead, he’s been seen doing PR tasks, like glad-handing at Redskins oldies conventions, or marketing stuff, such as hosting beer and cheese parties for the team’s ticket-selling operation.

Allen continued redefining the general manager’s job yesterday. He put on his community relations hat and worked at the Redskins annual Thanksgiving giveaway at FedExField.

He seemed fine not being a real GM. When he was asked by the Washington Post about the mindset of head coach Mike Shanahan, Allen distanced himself from the talentless, hopeless people pile that now wears the burgundy and gold on Sundays.

“He had a great team meeting yesterday with his players,” Allen told the Post while handing out bags of holiday foods.

“His” players, Mr. GM?

Oh, OK: So Allen’s job description includes giving away turkeys.

But bringing turkeys in? Nah.