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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Nano-Nanny: For the busy parents who need a nanny for an incredibly short amount of time, the New Hill East email list has one on offer: “I am a Traveling nurse that just finished up my contract at WHC and have a week of time I can devote to babysitting or nannying. That would be from November 28th until Dec 3rd. I could even extend and help the following week after that due to the fact that my husband’s internship ends on Dec. 9th and we’re not leaving to drive back home until then. So, if you do need to hire a sitter/nanny for this short period of time, please let me know.”

Cops Who Care: Residents in MPD’s 5th District are being offered a little extra this holiday season. “For any resident who may be leaving for travel during the upcoming winter holiday season, you are welcome to contact us (NOT through this public listserv) and we will try to have our patrol officers keep an eye on your home while you are away. If you will be away, contact either me or your PSA supervisor directly by email or phone, Give us your address and the dates you will be gone, Provide a local contact number in case there is any problem we see while you are away, DO NOT provide any of this information on this or any other community listserv. We will keep a confidential list and try to ride past your home front and rear as often as possible on all shifts.”

How Does Your Window Glow? The Georgetown Dish reports that some pink and blue neon in a business window is setting off local residents: ” ‘It’s completely out of bounds for Georgetown,’ [ANC Commissioner Bill Starrels] said.  This kind of ‘Disneyland display is wrong and garish.’  While he welcomes  neon, even elaborate in an intense entertainment area like at the Verizon Center at 7th & H Streets, NW, he says it’s not appropriate for ‘a historically protected community’ like Georgetown and ‘any business should know better.’ “

A Playground for the Homeless: Congress Heights on the Rise isn’t terribly impressed by the spiffy new playground in her neighborhood, since the problems with the park remain the same: “The [nearby] shelter buses the city’s male homeless population to and from the shelter but the shelter only houses the men at night. Early in the morning the men have the option of riding buses back down the hill toward downtown. Those who opt not to take the bus (or who miss it) are left to hang in Congress Heights until the shelter reopens for the night. The inevitable is a lot of loitering on MLK and in Shepherd Park.  As such, the park in recent years has become more of a waiting room (with all the side effects that entails) and less of a place for children to play.”