You Put Your Weed In There: When police raided two Capitol Hemp locations a month ago, authorities made it sound, somewhat implausibly, like a major bust. Now the police affidavit supporting the search warrant cops got to make the raid has come out, and the whole thing seems even sillier. Though drug laws require the store to claim all the smoking equipment they sell is to be used for tobacco, the cops saw through it: “”Your Affiant believes there to be sufficient probable cause that the store has no intention of selling these items to be used for tobacco use,” the document says. Now that’s crack policing. -3

Halcyon Days: Why buy only one historic, multimillion dollar D.C. house when you can have two? That seems to be the rationale behind the recent purchase of Halcyon House by Ryuji Ueno and Sachiko Kuno, who bought Evermay (another Georgetown estate) over the summer. Their representatives aren’t talking about the purchases, but Ueno and Kuno are reportedly planning to keep both properties well-preserved. +2

Derrik Sweeney, Phone Home: For one Georgetown University student, studying abroad in Egypt wasn’t just an educational experience—it was a correctional one, too. Derrik Sweeney, of Jefferson City, Mo., was arrested this week in Cairo, allegedly for throwing firebombs at Egyptian soldiers during a protest. Sweeney’s parents say he was able to call home, and U.S. Embassy staffers are with him. No word on whether he plans to bring protest tactics home to Georgetown, but if so, meetings of the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission will be more exciting. +1

Turkeys, Run Free: Thanksgiving doesn’t just mean the Detroit Lions on the TV, it also means an inordinate amount of press for a bunch of turkeys. (Not the D.C. Council; actual turkeys.) President Barack Obama pardoned two turkeys this year, Liberty and Peace, who were then sent off to live in Mount Vernon, Va. Considering they spent last night holed up at the W Hotel on 15th Street NW, they may consider that a downgrade. +1

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