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The Allen kids have something in common: Neither of ’em pick the Redskins!

Bruce, the ostensible general manager, doesn’t pick the players on the roster.

And brother George, the former and possibly future U.S. Senator and oldest of former Redskins Coach George Allen‘s brood, doesn’t pick the Skins in his betting pool.

Over the holiday the Washington Post published a piece on George the Younger’s weekly routine of going on sportsradio and making picks of NFL games.

Allen puts a lot of the picks he’s made this year on his campaign’s web site. A couple clicks show Allen took the Dallas Cowboys over the Redskins last week.

To folks of a certain vintage, that pick is shocking, especially for an Allen. Forget that a sibling is now a high-ranking Redskins official. George Allen the Elder was the one guy who made our entire region hate the Cowboys back in the 1970s. Dallas was on a par with Moscow.

“George Allen never used to say ‘the Dallas Cowboys,’ it was always ‘the goddamned Dallas Cowboys,'” John Wilbur, an offensive lineman with the Redskins under George Allen, once said. “It’s the Cowboys’ uniform. It strikes hate and loathing in my mind, almost in a Pavlovian sense.”

Publicly picking against the Redskins during Dallas Week would be a courageous/suicidal choice for a guy running for office in Virginia.

But all the Cold Wars are over. Allen would rather be right than political, and, since he wasn’t picking against the spread, Dallas was the only pick. The Cowboys came through for the ex-coach’s son in last week’s OT win.

But for Thanksgiving weekend, when Washington ended its six-game losing streak with a win over a lousy Seattle squad, Allen avoided picking on the Redskins game altogether.

Allen’s prognosticating has been hit or miss this season, according to the Post‘s account. But he was four for four on his latest batch of picks so far: Green Bay over Detroit, Baltimore over San Francisco, New England over Philadelphia, and Oakland over Chicago.

Still time to get on the Allen Bandwagon: He’s got New Orleans over the Giants tonight, too.