You’re Not From Here: The District has a reputation for being a pretty transient city, what with national political types coming and going every two years. The Census Bureau just crunched the numbers, and it turns out that reputation is mostly deserved: Only 37.3 percent of D.C. residents were born here, the third-lowest percentage in the nation behind only Florida and Nevada. Of course, it’s not clear how many people in the D.C. metropolitan area are natives to the region, which would probably be more informative. Still, expect to see these census figures chewed over in the next round of local elections, along with frequent bandying of the phrase, “native Washingtonian.” -1

Turn That Music Down: RFK Stadium gets pretty quiet when D.C. United’s season is over. But this weekend, when the creaky old venue hosted Fall Massive, an electronic dance music festival, things were loud—so loud, in fact, that neighbors complained for blocks around. Calls to police led to the volume for the festival being turned down, but by then, that just meant no one—not concertgoers, not neighbors—was happy. -2

The Red, Rocked: Things started out so promisingly for the Washington Capitals this year—with seven wins in a row, in fact. But the club’s gone into a tailspin since then, so much so that instead of flopping in the playoffs as usual, if things kept up at their current pace, they might just not qualify. So bid adieu to coach Bruce Boudreau, who was fired today and replaced with former Caps legend Dale Hunter (number 32 in your programs, still number 1 in your hearts). Hunter’s been owning and coaching the London Knights in the Ontario Hockey League for the past few years; whether he’s up for the NHL remains to be seen. They play tomorrow at the Verizon Center. -2

The Redskins, Rocking: The NFL will not be showing tapes of yesterday’s Seattle Seahawks-Washington Redskins game as promotional material. It was ugly, it was boring, and in the end, the reason the Redskins managed to win, breaking a six-game losing streak, may have been that they’re so inept that their attempts to lose fell short. (How else to explain a victory by the team that had not just a field goal, but an extra point, blocked?) Still, a win’s a win. Hail! +2

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