A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Noise Complaint: Perhaps you heard about the Fall Massive electronic music festival held outside of the RFK Stadium on Saturday. Members of the New Hill East email thread might not have known about the concert, but they certainly heard it. They also didn’t have many nice things to say about it. In a thread titled “RF Waste-of-breath-athon,” members are ranting about the loud noise and debauchery at the festival. One (who must not listen to much dubstep) writes, “Apparently, bass is a signature element of this musical style. The article also states that over 9000 people crammed into tents to see these acts, and the music started at 4pm. I worry that the lack of rules for the parking lot uses will encourage others to use this as a venue again.” Another adds, “I’d love to know if DC actually made any money off this event for all of the inconvenience the residents suffered for over 10 hours.”

Neighbor to Neighbor: A member of the Takoma email list is offering some helpful holiday advice to members. They write, “WARNING. It is not good to state on line/serv or on the Internet any information about you or your family being absent from your home. Aside from your neighbor(s) who is to look after your home; please don’t use the yahoo group’s blog or the internet to declare your whereabouts or home or away-from-home activities for the holidays or at anytime. Not a sermon, just something to notice and to avoid.” While this is sound advice, it probably won’t stop the high volume of posts seeking animal and baby sitters.

Child Prodigy: Looking to rid yourself of an outdated, bulky typewriter? One child is defying his generation by taking an interest manual keys, instead of a computer or a laptop. A member of the Tenleytown email list writes, “Hello, If you have an older typewriter you are looking to unload, please let me know. Our son is fascinated by typewriters and would like to pound out a story. Or more likely some manifesto to his legos. Not looking for anything fancy.”

Grilled for Grilling: Doesn’t everyone love free stuff? Not always. A member of a Burleith email list is not thrilled about a free grill that was left on T Street. They wrote, “I can not believe the face of some people. Somebody just left a big gas grill in my house sidewalk, in the corner of 35th and T, with a ‘free’ sign on it. I don’t think anybody will pick it up but if you recognize the grill or know the owner can you ask them to remove the grill? I’ll call 311 also to come pick it up if the owner doesn’t show up.” A grill does does seem a little seasonally inappropriate.