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Sports oriented license plates seem like a really good idea, and a quick way to makes some extra cash:

D.C. officials are paving the way for license plates that promote theWashington Redskins and eight other home teams, a quick-and-easy proposal intended to satisfy sports fans without sliding into a slew of offerings that have roiled political waters in various states.

A bill before the D.C. Council would allow city residents to opt for specialty tags that display a local team’s logo to the left of the plate numbers and retain the distinctive “Taxation Without Representation” message along the bottom.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has no objection to the sports plates but needs six months to implement the initiative once it passes into law, Director Lucinda Babers, told the Committee on the Environment, Public Works and Transportation on Tuesday

Currently, the District only offers three specialty plates to all drivers—-one for the Anacostia River, and two for veterans. The Times says sports plates are safe and keep the District from sliding into “political” issues, but there are probably dozens of others that might be popular with residents. Considering how many black Greek organization plateholders there are on District roads, a “Divine 9” series would probably go over well. Plates for arts, schools, and neighborhoods, could also be pretty well-received.

What kind of specialty plate would you be interested in?