Bring Out Your Books: It’s finally safe to return that copy of What It Takes that you got from the library to brush up before the 2000 election. The D.C. Public Library will run an amnesty from Dec. 5 to Feb. 5, forgiving all fines for overdue, lost, or damaged books, CDs, DVDs, or other things you checked out. It worked for the Department of Motor Vehicles, which got 35,000 people to pay overdue tickets during a recent amnesty program. +1

Fugazi Goes Phish: Unedited archives of live shows have been a treasure trove for jam bands over the last few years. The pitch, basically, boils down to this: “Now you can finally go buy that Widespread Panic concert you don’t really remember because you and your frat brothers ate too many mushrooms! Sweet, bro!” D.C.’s Fugazi, thankfully, doesn’t have much in common with Leftover Salmon, and with its straight-edge ethos, the band isn’t quite after the same crowd. But even so, Dischord is now selling live Fugazi shows online. Added bonus: They only cost $5, just like the tickets did. +3

I Bleed, You Bleed, We All Bleed For Redskins Tickets: Once upon a time, getting into RFK Stadium for a Redskins game was a tough ticket. These days, of course, the team stinks, and plays in a stadium with nearly twice as many seats as the old place did. Seeing the last home game of the regular season, on Christmas Eve against the Minnesota Vikings, would only cost you $19. Or you can just give blood! The American Red Cross and the Redskins are giving tickets away to every donor at some upcoming blood drives. No word on whether Rex Grossman will be serving as phlebotomist. +1

So Long, Mozfather: There’s a changing of the guard today at DCist, a friendly rival to Washington City Paper. Editor Aaron Morrissey is leaving, four years after posting his first item for the site. (Martin Austermuhle is running the show for now.) British tabloids have an old tradition known as “banging out,” where everyone in the newsroom pounds on their desks to salute departing Fleet Streeters; here in the States, the term would seem to imply something different, so instead of calling our tribute to Morrissey that, we’ll just tick the quality of life index up in recognition of his work, one for each year at DCist. +4

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