Why Don’t You Get A Job? The November jobs numbers are out, and unemployment is at its lowest rate since 2009! At 8.6. percent, everything sounds really good, until you remember that the boost is probably due to holiday hiring, and the fact that several hundred thousand more people simply just gave up on finding a job. -3

Traffic Is Getting Worse: You know that feeling like you’re crawling along in traffic? Is it happening at the same place every day? A new report has identified the worst place for traffic in D.C.: “Northbound I-395 between Washington Boulevard and Route 110, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The average speed along that stretch during that time is five miles per hour.”  -3

Warms The Cockles Of Our Liver: 20-month-year-old twins Maria and Teresa Tapia were born conjoined at the lower chest, and separated surgically at VCU’s hospital. Read this and tell us you don’t feel all sappy: “While they’re getting accustomed to exploring their surroundings separately, they still stay near each other and hold hands when they walk.” The girls are expected to go home to the Dominican Republic by Christmas. +5

Failure to Fire: Five students are suing Howard University for not firing a now-jailed employee after initial complaints that he sexually assaulted several young women he supervised.  “Howard University created a hostile and abusive working environment for all plaintiffs by continuing to employ [George] Bright-Abu after being made aware of his ongoing physical and verbal sexual assault,” said attorney Christal Edwards. –5

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