A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

And a Pony, Too: As the blog is wont to do every once in awhile, The Georgetown Metropolitan has asked readers what they’d like to see in their neighborhood. (The prompt being, “Tuesday night, GM moderated a discussion for the Citizens Association of Georgetown on the topic of the retail district of Georgetown, and in particular Wisconsin Ave. A lot of time was spent talking about what people would like to disappear in Georgetown, but only a little time was spent on what people would like to see come in.”)  Commenters named pretty much everything: “A city-neighborhood-sized grocery store, like Waitrose in London, that you can actually walk to”; “I’d also like to see a few more options for breakfast and late-night food, filling the role once played by the Georgetown Diner and Au Pied Au Cochon”; “I would also like to see more ‘funky’ places that sell greeting cards, small gift items. I find myself going all the way over to 14th St, to places like Pulp, because there is nothing in Georgetown or even Dupont that fills this niche. Paper Source comes closest, but even it is a bit stuffy”; “I would like to see the Georgetown movie theater restored, rebuilt, to house an independent movie theater, and the marquee outside rebuilt to light up once again.” Another commenter lobbed this missive: “I can’t wait until we get an official marijuana dispensary in Georgetown. I mean, really, why should we have to go to GU to get our dope? I know they pay outrageous tuition,and equally obscene rent to landlords, just so they can have two-keg parties without a permit.”

Even Though He’s Too Young to Care: “Does anyone have some extra BLUE Pull Ups? Easy ups (other disposable training pants). Costco doesnt’ have the size we need in blue (why? who knows!). We bought diapers and I have like 1/2 of one of those big boxes from costco size 4 huggies diapers that i’d like to trade for some blue pull ups,” writes a member of the Brookland Kids email list. But why is it necessary that said Pull-Ups be blue? The member concludes her message by writing, “I was able to put blue on my daughter but I can’t bring myself to put pink on my son, soo I’m interested in blue only. thought I’d ask!”

Like That Grindr for Bros, Plus 30 Years: A member of the Cleveland Park email list posts this notice: “I am gauging interest in starting a regular, informal meeting of sports fans to just, well, talk sports. I’m not sure of details, or level of interest. Hopefully we’ll have regular meetings—maybe every couple of weeks or so….In addition to just chatting on whatever you have on your mind, some ideas include showing memorabilia or reading and discussing a sports book/movie.” And he’s pitched a name, too. “We can call ourselves The Cleveland Park Cranks (19th century term for fans), or some other appropriate name!”

For Sale: Maybe Broken Electronics: This week, a member of the Chevy Chase email list left a bunch of stuff in their alley, free for the taking. The goods included: “Sears 20-SV hard shell car top carrier,” “HP ink jet printer (worked the last time we used it),” “View sonic monitor (not a flat screen but works),” “large men’s wet suit,” “children’s skis and poles (Rossignol Slalom 64 sidecut and Head poles), “Toshiba receiver (old, can’t remember if it works),” “JVC CD player (also old and can’t remember if it works)