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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Freedom of Speech?: Members of a Takoma email list have been receiving pamphlets on their porches full of anti-Semitic content. A conversation on the list started with a post that said, “There was some anti-Semitic literature on people’s porches (not doorsteps, they are much too coward for that) today. Anyone got any info? This is sickening and offensive.” Another receiver of the pamphlet believes they saw the suspect and writes this about him: “I did see an older guy riding a bike down the sidewalk around this time. I had never seen him before and thought it unusual that I would see an approximately 65 yr old white male riding a bike on a Sunday morning. He had gray hair and was wearing a gray tweed sports jacket. He had a black milk carton basket on the back of his bike. I didn’t see him drop any leaflets, but I suspect it was him.” A third member posts some quotes from the pamphlet, and says it looks like “a bored undergrad with access to a photocopier got bored with a stack of books and rubber cement, but it’s very anti-Semitic. :\”

Pretension Isn’t Cheap: U Street Girl peaks into the new gourmet food shop, Smuckers Farm, that’s located on 14th and W Street NW. The blog gives a mostly-positive review, writing, “It was great to stop in and see fresh, good quality produce, meat, milk, cheese, and even local coffee. Not surprisingly, the prices are a little high—I definitely raised my eyebrow a bit at $8 loaves of bread—which come from Lyon Bakery.” Commenters weren’t so kind. “It’s frustrating to visit the store. I understand that the costs of opening and running a business are high, but prices need to be affordable,” one person wrote. “With a Yes market across the street, the U Street open air market down the block on Saturdays much of the year, and Whole Foods an easy walk away, ‘organic’ and ‘fresh’ are not going to be enough. This store is going to have to merchandise in a way that draws shoppers to make that special trip,” another commenter noted.

Unforgivable!: A member of the Brookland email list had written, “Hope you can join our evening stroll to the intersection of Michigan and Irving at 8 pm, leaving from the models. For no other reason than to stretch our legs and vocal cords!” But a couple of hours later, the poster realized she made a mistake and added, “I am very embarrassed. I didn’t mean to send this to the brookland group. My apologies.” No evening stroll for you, Brookland!

Free in Shepherd Park: A member of a Shepherd Park email list is giving away tons of stuff—with humility! The member writes, “OK. I am trying not to become too much of a pack rat. You know how you store stuff that you think you may need again someday—-and that day just never comes.” Available for the taking are “vases of all types and sizes,” a “24 inch chrome towel bar,” and an “antique brass mesh fireplace screen.”