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Oh, Good, Wintry Mix: Late November and early December were downright California-esque around here. Those days are officially over: The cold, heavy rain that’s been drenching the District all day is expected to turn to some sort of sleety, slushy snow before ending. When it’s over, it’ll be in the 40s, instead of the 60s. But hey, at least it gets dark at 4 p.m. -3

Occupied: The weather didn’t stop the Occupy D.C. folks, who staged protests around downtown as part of a “day of action” that ended with dozens arrested. The protests targeted lobbying firms, steakhouses that cater to lobbying firms, offices in Congress where lobbyists spend lots of time, and other outposts of democracy. Which means you can look forward to some friendly lawmaker introducing a bill to ban the protest soon, no doubt. +1

LivingSocial It Up: The economy is still generally lousy, but don’t tell LivingSocial. The home-grown tech firm has already raised $176 million of a planned $400 million in new investments, which will fund more expansion (including, apparently, a slow, but steady, takeover of all the District’s vacant commercial real estate). No word on whether tomorrow’s deal will involve discounted stock options. +1

Smile, You’re On Candid Camera: Crooks in the Metro system are pretty hardcore. That’s the natural conclusion to draw from a report that cameras in subway station parking lots didn’t deter crime at all—which is to say, the people who broke into cars or robbed passengers didn’t care who saw them do it. Then again, since Metro’s police department no longer has an auto theft unit, maybe that’s not a surprise. -2

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