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We’re just over two months into the Occupy D.C. protests—-who could have predicted they’d still be going strong?—-so it’s not a surprise that a tonal shift is coming from the District. Yesterday Mayor Vince Gray suggested that patience is wearing thin:

Appearing on a NBC4 “Viewpoint” program being taped Thursday, the mayor said he wants to protect First Amendment rights, but said the city will enforce the law.

“We arrested 62 people [Wednesday] for breaking the law,” Gray said. “We’re not going to tolerate that. People are increasingly losing their patience because of the infringement on business, as they see it, here in the city.

“It’s a very delicate balance. We’re walking a fine line,” Gray continued. “We support their right, of course, to exercise their First Amendment right. But at the same time we will not tolerate the breaking of the law.“

It’ll be interesting to see what else the occupiers will get up to as they try to dig in for the winter—and, if they leave, how the city NPS will handle the rehabilitation of McPherson Square.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery