A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Racks on Racks on Racks: A member of the Tenleytown email list has a great gift for anyone who is overwhelmed with all of the videotapes and DVDs in their home. “I have 6 Elfa DVD racks and 3 videotape racks, each of which is designed to fit onto a bar that you screw to the wall. You can buy a bar in any of several lengths from the Container Store. Each rack is 17-1/8″ wide x 6-1/2″ deep x 2-3/4″ h. Each DVD rack holds 28 DVDs; The videotape racks hold 14 videotapes each.” If that’s not enough to make you run out to buy the boxed set of Mash, they are also giving away “Six fold-together magazine files with a woodgrain pattern (Perma Products item #01325).” The holidays are coming sooner than later—-what better way to say Happy Holidays by re-gifting a free gift?

Flash Mobs are Still a Thing?: Holiday food drives are pretty regular during the month of December, but this one is a little unconventional. A post on a Columbia Heights email list is advertising a fundraiser at the P Street Whole Food with a twist. “Let’s flash mob WF P Street. Please spread the word. You can find out more at: DCGREENS.ORG. We are trying to raise 20,000 dollars. It will make a huge difference if you stock up for the holidays on Wednesday. Or even if you just buy an Amaryllis Bulb or two.” At least go to see the hip parents flash mobbing in the streets of D.C.

Not that Old: A member of a Takoma email list posted, “Remember metal? Lots of things used to be made of metal. Like those green and red Christmas tree stands. I have one and in the xmas spirit would like to pass it along. Better for a tree or bush less than 5 feet tall. One year I used it for a tabletop tree and it was very impressive. As Martha would say, “a good thing.” Please let me know if you would like the stand.” Here’s your chance to retro-fy your Christmas! Or just save yourself from propping your tree up on the wall.

Tanking: Anyone in need of a new tank tread? The New Columbia Heights blog says there has been on Sherman and Girard for a few weeks now just laying there. “One would think this is something you’d need, or if you didn’t need it, you’d throw it away. If not, it’s the weirdest case of littering I’ve ever seen.”