Based on his recent comments, this may be the kind of congressional meddling Mayor Vince Gray can get behind:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., wrote to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar alleging that Occupy DC’s presence in the park “appears to violate the law” and questioning why the National Parks Service has not cleared out the makeshift tent city.

“Was the decision based on some precedent or was this a blatant attempt – like the president trying to embrace the rhetoric of Occupy – of the president trying to co-opt the Occupy movement for his own political purposes?” said Issa spokesman Frederick Hill.

Looks like Issa is wondering the same thing I did on Monday—-is there a political/symbolic tinge to the Park Service’s continued support of Occupy D.C.? Unsurprisingly, Issa has problem with that.

Meanwhile, Occupy Baltimore was (relatively peacefully) evicted yesterday.

Photo by U.S. House of Representatives via Wikimedia Commons