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Fantastic interview on The Mike Wise Show on WJFK-FM this morning with Lamont Peterson, the new world junior welterweight champion.

Peterson came to the studios with brother and fellow pug Anthony Peterson and trainer Barry Hunter to relive Saturday night’s fight, in which Lamont took away Amir Khan‘s world title belts.

Early in the interview, Wise, who wrote a column in the Washington Post calling Peterson’s win the “sports story of the year,” replayed Hall of Fame ring announcer Michael Buffer‘s call of the score cards after the fight, ending with the crowd at the Convention Center drowning him out as they realize that Peterson, a hometown kid and huge underdog, was the new world champion.

Lamont, humble and nice as always, said he’d been visualizing winning a world title for 17 years, ever since he and Anthony started boxing with Hunter as little kids. The moment was a lot like he always dreamed it would be.

“The way I imagined it, it was with Michael Buffer, in my hometown,” Lamont said.

The guests also recounted the bizarre tale of showing up at the George Washington University Hospital emergency room in the wee hours after the fight for an unscheduled checkup because of the pounding he’d taken over 12 rounds.

When he walked in, Lamont said, hospital staff looked at his banged up face and were “Like, ‘What the heck happened to him?'”

But before he could say, “You should see the other guy!” the other guy showed up.

The equally beat-up Khan and his posse happened to choose the same hospital at around the same time for the same reason. And two guys who’d shared a ring a few hours earlier ended the night sharing a waiting room.

Maybe Wise is right. Lamont Peterson could be the story of the year.

Photo via MovieGoods.com