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Party At Ground Zero: It’s holiday party season for everyone, the D.C. Council included. Ethics controversies notwithstanding, the council will throw a $5,000 party for members and aides tomorrow night at the Washington Court Hotel; the money comes from donations of up to $380 per member from constituent service funds. Which, every councilmember would hasten to add, are not slush funds. The good news: At least they’re not spending tax money on this shindig. The bad news: The party conflicts with a Washington City Paper party, which means we probably won’t see any councilmembers at our event. Or maybe that’s the good news. -2

Taxation Without Sanitation, Again?: Get ready for more angst over what parts of the D.C. government can and can’t operate if the feds shut down. The Obama administration is ordering agencies to prepare contingency plans in case Congress can’t suddenly, at the end of the year, remember how to do its job and pass the laws that allow the government to remain in business. (A feat which, to be honest, would be something of a surprise.) A federal shutdown would mean D.C. can’t spend local tax revenue, either, because technically all our local taxes are collected, then given to the feds, then appropriated back. Officials said in April, when this possibility first came up, that a shutdown would cost about $1 million a week. So remember, call up D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton and urge her to vote in favor of a spending bill. Wait, what? Oh. Never mind. -4

Skinny Jeans And All: Picture Georgetown in your head, and what comes to mind? Sweater vests, maybe? BMWs? Bros (or chads)? According to the folks at CollegeMagazine.com, though, those stereotypes are way out of date, and the neighborhood actually more closely resembles Williamsburg. Because they listed the university that resides there as the 10th “most hipster campus” in America, whatever that means; the list was topped by New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. No word on what this means for the Hoyas’ basketball uniform design next season. +1

National Disaster: Anyone who sat through some of the low points of the Washington Nationals’ last few seasons would not be surprised to learn that Nationals Park is hosting a disaster drill tomorrow. The surprise, however, is that the exercise has nothing to do with the team. Marines and D.C. emergency response crews will drill at the stadium; the event, as the Associated Press helpfully noted “is not open to the public.” +1

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