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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Due Deterrence: A member of the Mintwood Place email list offers this proposal: “We seem to be going through another phase of…what shall we call it…anti-social behavior, I guess. Last night someone broke into the car of a neighbor parked in the alley that runs parallel to and behind Mintwood and stole the car radio. This morning my wife noticed a lot of garbage piled around our parking space in the same alley. I don’t think there’s much we can expect from the DCPD to prevent this; they have a lot of territory to cover. I’m still a believer in security guards. Peace, I’m not thinking of a private military armed with M16s but just a bloke or two (male or female) to walk through ‘high-incident’ areas at particularly troublesome times. I , for one, would be willing to pay, say, $25 a month for this service. Can I see a show of hands?” Others on the list are largely in favor of a privately contracted security detail for the street and its environs. A second poster writes, “An iPod was stolen from our car and my neighbor’s whole car was stolen. The police obviously don’t care about one iPod, nor should they, and there’s an easy way to get the iPod registration number into their system should it turn up. But I don’t want people breaking into our car to begin with! Some deterrence would be nice.”

Great Weight: “I don’t have a clue what triggered it but after 5 hours of posting on the listserve, Foxhall Cleaners called us to say they have found the shirts,” writes a member of the Palisades email list who had previously complained to the horde of vanished garments. With great enthusiasm, they continue, “I have to assume it is something to do with this fantastic method of communication we have here at the Palisades. Many many thanks to all who make it possible and to the community for their suggestions.”

Mole People: Members of the TakomaDC email list have discussed at length the nuances of the intersection at Blair Road and Cedar Street NW; many feel the meeting of the two streets is unsafe for pedestrians. But local urban planning gadfly Richard Layman argues that the roads are arterial, and that pedestrians should, in this case, make way for cars: “My particular solution and I will label it ‘crazy’ from the outset is to create a tunnel for the through traffic, from somewhere between Tuckerman and Underwood, to the section of Blair past Eastern Avenue in Montgomery County….Normally I am not a proponent of ‘highways’ or in this case tunnels, but the negative impact of the through traffic on the quality of life in the abutting neighborhoods is so significant that I think it’s worth considering.” Another member agrees—they write, “A Big Dig style underground thoroughfare is probably the only real option for overhauling DC’s roads in a major way. And with D.C.’s height restriction on buildings, downward expansion is the only currently viable way of approaching a proper urban density that would allow a move away from the suburban commuter model”—but a third isn’t so sure, invoking the great highway fights of yore. “We’ve been through proposals for big tunnels and arterial expansion at the expense of residential neighborhoods  in the late 1960 (pre-Metro) when the Feds wanted to push a system of inner loops through neighborhoods to serve suburban commuters,” they write.

We’ve Got Questions: On the New Hill East email list, a member writes, “Anybody have any feedback on the offer of so-called free Delta flights to anywhere in the USA if I sit through a 90-minute presentation by Diamond Marketing Solutions at a Holiday Inn in Georgetown?! There’s got to be a catch, right? Scam?” Presently, no other members have offered any insight, but a second inquires, “Is there a good Latin grocery store on the Hill? I’m looking for stuff like masa harina, Pasilla and Guajillo chilies, Mexican oregano, etc.”