Yet another sign of the Washington Redskins’ reduced hold on the hometown: Big businesses are scheduling events during Redskins games.

Time was, the city had a reputation for shutting down on any Sunday afternoon whenever the Redskins were playing.

But all week long, WJFK-FM has been promoting an appearance this Sunday by Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals. He’ll be at Ted Britt Ford in Fairfax. There’ll be autograph signings and free pizza from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

At the same time of Laich’s meet and greet and eat, the Redskins will be playing the New York Giants. That’s an NFC East rival.

Who among us ever thought we’d see a day when a hockey player trumps the Redskins around here?

‘Course, maybe it’s the free pizza.

Which brings up yet another kick in the pants for the Redskins: The free grub, according to all the announcements, comes from Papa John’s Pizza.

That’s the “official pizza of the Washington Redskins.”


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