You May Be Rich: Someone somewhere in the District is walking around with $200,000 in their pocket. A winning ticket to Saturday’s Powerball drawing was sold at the 4 Seasons Convenience Store on South Dakota Avenue NE. The good news: More proof real people do actually win the lottery occasionally. The bad news: If you didn’t buy your ticket at that store, you know it wasn’t you. +1

Millions And Millions: Toting a gun around is, apparently, rather passé in the world of big-time criminals. The new must-have item? Grenades and a rocket launcher. Or so say authorities in court papers supporting the arrest of Christopher Washington for alleged weapons and drug trafficking. The FBI and Metropolitan Police Department arrested Washington and other defendants in a year-long sting that police say yielded 70 arrests, 161 confiscated weapons, and $7.2 million in cocaine and methamphetamines. Authorities claim a Mexican drug cartel was involved in the operation they rolled up. Cynical but sound prediction: No matter how many arrests MPD and the FBI makes, drug and weapons trafficking will continue. -1

That’s A Cab Of A Different Color: New fares aren’t the only changes coming to D.C. taxicabs, if lawmakers and Mayor Vince Gray have their way. A major reform bill would add GPS readers that send data to the taxi commission, install panic buttons, increase the number of hack inspectors, cap the number of cab licenses issued (though not quite with a full-on medallion system), and mandate that all cabs be painted the same color. (Councilmember Mary Cheh wants ’em to be white.) Drivers would also have to take a course in geography of the District. No word on whether the course will teach them to try not to hit cyclists. +2

Hail!: Tuning into the Redskins-Giants game yesterday was a little confusing. The team in burgundy and white uniforms surely wasn’t the same gang that’s been losing almost every week lately, was it? And why did the guys in blue keep dropping easy touchdown passes? Somehow or another, the Redskins managed their first season sweep of the Giants since 1999, beating the home team 23-10 and playing their best game of the season by far. Unfortunately, the better Rex Grossman plays, the likelier Mike Shanahan is to decide the team doesn’t need a real quarterback next year. Still, a win’s a win. +2

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