A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

All I Want for Christmas Is…: On the New Hill East email list, a member enthusiastically shills for a piano they’ve got on hand—with a newly reduced price! “Greetings, neighbors, Just in case my Story and Clark 40″ console would be a perfect gift, and price was an issue, I’ve reduced my price on Craig’s list to $597, with a special Hill East price of $497. I really want to find the right new owner!” they write.

Santa Snatchers: Writes a member of the Palisades email list, “Good Morning! We woke this morning to find damage to our inflatable Christmas decorations. A polar bear decoration along with a reindeer decoration were shredded and no longer work. Our Frosty the snowman inflatable is missing. We considered raccoons, but didn’t think that an animal would cart away Frosty or leave a t-shirt saying ‘Do Good, Have Fun; (don’t you love the irony?). We hope someone will return Frosty before Santa leaves coal in their stockings.”

Gray Market: Two members of the Georgetown Forum email list are advertising their homemade  treats: “As some of you know already, by word of mouth, we are baking and selling alfajores! As you might know alfajores are a delicious pastry eaten since hundreds of years in South America and Southern Europe. Our alfajores are entirely homemade and free of any preservatives and artificial flavors. If you are interested or know any friends that might be interested in ordering them for themselves, friends, clients or teachers as a gift, please let them know about this and let us know to place your order. Until the end of this month we have special introductory prices.” The alfajores run $10 for a box of 30 and $12 for a box of 16, and “deliveries for Georgetown residents are free of charge for orders of two boxes +.” The bakers, by the way, “do not mass produce.”

Hug ‘Em: A member of the Columbia Heights email list advises readers, “As you may know, the property at 1319 Harvard St is being developed. We planted some trees in front of it many years ago when it was a vacant lot. The developer does not want to keep them. Would you like one or more of them? My tree identification skills are poor but two are some sort of pine trees and the third seems to be a maple. The pines are about 15′ tall and the maple quite a bit more than that. Feel free to come by and take a look.” They continue, “I have no idea how one transports trees, helps them take root in new homes or whether there are professionals who do such things. Presuming you can arrange to have any of them transported, plan to replant them in the neighborhood you can have them.”