A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

The World’s an iPad: In response to the Washington Post‘s coverage of the trend of snatch-and-grab robberies in the neighborhood, a member of the New Hill East email list writes this analysis: “Note that these are ‘snatch and grab’ robberies rather than “stick ’em up” robberies. While half of the crimes involved stealing a personal digital device, half did not. Although the published statistics are silent in respect of what was stolen the other half of the time, I’d wager a majority of those robberies were old-fashioned purse snatchings, which would put women at greater risk then men. If anybody has better data, please correct me….I realize listening to music makes your walk more pleasant, but those white earphones tell the whole world you have an iPad. I also realize it’s fun to update your Facebook page while strolling over to Eighth Street so your friends will know where to meet up. But that can wait until you get inside and it’s safe to break out your iPhone. Keep your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings. Hill East is very much safer than it used to be, but the risk of getting robbed will never be zero. You can make it harder for the robbers by using common sense.”

Support Local Businesses: After finding that an advertised “doorbuster” sale didn’t hold what she was looking for, a member of the Chevy Chase email list posted this missive attacking Bethesda appliance shop Bray & Scarf: “Don’t spend a lot of time studying the full page Bray & Scarf ad in the  Sunday paper. They don’t actually have at least one of the featured good[s] advertised for Monday’s big sale and who knows what else is a come-on!…Maybe by ‘doorbuster’ they are highlighting that quantities are limited? Yep, that must be it because, surprise, a diswasher featured on the page  isn’t sold in Bethesda at all. But I only learned that after I called home, got the model number for the ad, and the utterly indifferent salesman said they don’t and won’t have it.” She isn’t alone in her ire. A second member writes, “Years ago, I called Bray & Scarf to repair my dishwasher when the soap doors wouldn’t open. I was told there was an un-repairable leak and I would get increasing amounts of water under it. The man said I’d need a new dishwasher. He added, ‘I’m not a salesman. I don’t get anything out of it.’ My husband took off the front; I ran the dishwasher and there was no water  under it….My nickname for Bray & Scarf is ‘Crook & Schnook.'”

Takoma Park, ISO: On the TakomaDC email list, a member writes, “A friend has asked me to post a request for unwanted ceramic crockery, such as bowls, plates, cups, saucers, vases, etc., either blue-and-white or just plain white, for a project. Please contact me off list if you have any you’d like to dispose of. One of us would come pick it up!”

Coming Home for Christmas: “There’s a beautiful small parrot in a pine tree in our backyard. It’s yellow/orange and red,” a member of the Shepherd Park email list posted on Christmas eve under the title, “Anyone lose a parrot?” A second member responded enthusiastically, “Yes!”