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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Gimme More: An extensive wish list of neighborhood amenities complied by Borderstan contributors asks for, well, quite a bit: “As for chains, Trader Joe’s was mentioned twice and the return of Taco Bell to the 14th and U corridor was on one wish list (when you have a lack of late-night diners people will go with what’s there)”; “There was a shout-out for more stability for locally owned businesses — after a year of turnover among some long-time establishments on the 14th Street corridor. There was also a wish for smaller retail spaces in the developments along 14th Street — ones that would be more amenable to smaller, mom-and-pop type businesses”; “Three people called for movie theaters (with one suggestion of turning the Lincoln Theatre). BTW, thereused to be three movie theaters in Dupont Circle, until just a few years ago”; “Three contributors want more independent coffee shops/cafes and there was a call for a used bookstore.Maybe combine all three into one?” One commenter writes, “Ditto Maggie’s request for a restaurant that DOESN’T specialize in small plates. People don’t always want to spend $40 to eat a meatball and half of a tiny samosa! And I love the idea of a used book store/coffee shop (make it a bar, too!). Like Tryst with books!” while another says, “I want all the commercial corridors turned into sheep pastures. It’s the only thing that will ever silence the anti-business NIMBYs in the area. Furthermore, it will allow them to pretend they are all denizens of a small English village, something out of a BBC Masterpiece Theatre series. While I will miss the businesses and convenience of walking to everything I need, it will at least silence these people.”

International Cleveland Park: “I am desperately trying to find a cat rescue organization in Puerto Rico that couls help a momcat and her one kitten. They are living poorly in the street. I am feeding them every day but I am leaving on January 4th. I am trying to find them a home, but do not know in which webpage to put the ad. If there is no space for them at any shelter, I would like to have them, at least, fixed,” writes a member of the Cleveland Park email list. Presently, no one has responded with a globalist option for spaying and neutering.

Smash into Hill East: “Following the recent pattern on Capitol Hill, my car was broken into last night sometime overnight by breaking the triangular window on the passenger side rear. There was nothing in the car to steal except change in the change compartment which they took, of course,” relays a member of the New Hill East email list. She continues, “I’m blaming myself a little because I had been meaning to remove the change and leave the change compartment open to show there was nothing in there, but I’m not sure that would have deterred them from breaking in to see if there was something of value in the car or trunk they couldn’t readily see. Fortunately for my neighbors my car seems to be the only car that was broken into on my block last night. I live on the 1400 block of C St SE. I have reported it to the police just so they will be aware of yet another car break in and where it occurred. Great way to end the year. NOT!” Another member writes, “I had one too, the Thursday before Christmas. I had forgotten to post until now. The triangular window on the driver’s side rear door was broken, but nothing was taken. I take some blame, too, as I’d left a gym bag in there for a week or so. Nothing in it (except some dirty gym clothes…) worth value. I called the police and filed a report. I was parked on 12th Street and Walter Street SE. The glass repair guy said that he’s been to Capitol Hill about 60 times in the last month.”

Chevy Chase Problems: A member of the Chevy Chase email list pens this anecdote: “At the deli counter at the Friendship Heights Whole Foods, my purse was in my cart behind me. It crossed my mind that I should have it in hand, but I was working so hard to make the non-English speaking counter person understand what I wanted, I didn’t take hold of my purse. When I completed checkout, I discovered my wallet wasn’t in my purse. The manager told me to forget about it; just take the groceries home. When I got home, I thoroughly searched the car and the house, to no avail. So I called the three credit card companies and envisioned having to replace my driver’s permit, Soc.Sec. and FEHBP cards and a bunch of various membership cards. Groan!” She continues, “Last night, I went to the only one of our six DVD-VHS shelf cabinets that has doors in order to decide what I would play to entertain my husband. On top of the cabinet, among a bunch of videos, was my wallet. This morning, I called Whole Foods. I told the manager that I had found the wallet. Since it wasn’t stolen in his store, would he prefer for me to send a check for my groceries or just pay for them when I came in next. He replied, “No need. You had a stressful time. The groceries are yours. Have a Happy New Year.”