At DCist, Benjamin R. Freed reports that the McPherson Square Occupy D.C. camp is closing down its kitchen to do a little cleaning up in advance of inspections from the D.C. Department of Health:

A chef at Freedom Plaza, whose kitchen remained open today at noon, told us that his colleagues at McPherson Square weren’t up on the particulars of running a kitchen. He said that he wasn’t concerned about any inspections, because he had formerly worked as an executive chef and understood health and safety standards for kitchens.

DOH staffers will be reviewing the Occupy kitchens Thursday “to determine the exact condition of kitchen and will provide formal recommendations for improvement (if needed),” a department official wrote in an email to DCist.

Of course, as Freed notes, the DOH has no jurisdiction over Occupy D.C.—-but neither did the District’s building inspectors, and that didn’t stop the U.S. Park Police from using D.C. codes as a reason to tear down the “people’s Pentagon” protesters tried to build.