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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Screen-Free Chevy Chase: A member of the Chevy Chase email list posts this request for a babysitter from a friend who’s looking for childcare while teaching a yoga class. The friend is  “[The baby] is 7 months old and a very relaxed baby. We’re raising [her] with the respect that she finds her own way to sitting and standing. We ask that you don’t sit or stand her up while she’s in your care. Feel free to put a  blanket down and let her roll about and play with her toys. If you hold her, please just cradle her in your arms. We also don’t want her playing with cell phones or sitting in front of any screens computer or cell phone.”

Palisades Problems: Under the subject line “Strange Noise,” a member of the Palisades email list writes, “About 15 minutes ago (at 1:00 a.m. or so), there was a very strange noise that seemed to be coming in the direction of Virginia/Montgomery county. It sounded similar to thunder in the distance except that it had a pattern to it and was nothing I have ever heard in my life. It was so loud I heard it over the TV and dogs in the neighborhood began barking. If anyone hears mention of it on the news or WTOP, please let me know. I’m sure people called the authorities wondering what it was.” Regardless of whether anyone called the cops, there’s been no response on the email list.

Overpriced Arugula: “It’s no surprise to those who recall the sale of the building housing the H Street Playhouse (1365 H Street), but the Playhouse is going to have to relocate. The lease is up in February 2013, and the new owner wants a market rent. I know that the Playhouse has been informally shopping for spaces along Bladensburg (maybe this could lead to a mini-arts district?),” writes Frozen Tropics. Commenters aren’t happy with the news. “Boo. I’d suggest starting a petition stating that the community won’t support any non-arts business in that space. Unfortunately, whomever rents it will market to hipsters who have never been on H street before. And those people will come running for PBRs and overpriced arugula salads. Personally, I won’t support a for-profit business in that space. There is PLENTY of empty retail space on the street already. Let’s keep this one space for the arts!” writes one; another says, “This sounds like a joke. An arts & entertainment district that doesn’t support an organization like this? Come to Benning Road. We’d love to have you.”

Tax Dollars at Work: A member of the Cleveland Park email list pens this missive: “I wanted to share my concern about the Winter 2012 newsletter that I received today in the mail from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. On the bottom of the front it states ‘This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.’ Reading the newsletter, I found the language to be highly self-promoting and more along the lines of campaign material. I do not feel it is appropriate for the Congresswoman to be using taxpayer dollars to pay for its publication or distribution.” He continues, “For those who have not seen the newsletter, it uses the possessive very frequently and attributes many results directly to the Congresswoman. For example, ‘Norton’s vigorous outreach and oversight produce record number of DC jobs’, ‘Norton gets Parole Commission reauthorized’ , ‘Norton requires Office of Personnel Management to create new emergency plans’, to cite a few. I appreciate the need to be informed about the work of our elected officials, but it should be done in an impartial and unbiased format. If the Congresswoman wants to send out self-promoting materials, it is her right to do so, but it should be done using her own campaign funds and not our tax dollars.” Another member provides a dose of reality, writing ‘Welcome to “congressional representation.'” Every district’s (no pun intended) constituents receive similar ‘news,’ at their expense. But their representatives can vote in the House.”