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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

You’ve Got a Nerve to Be Asking a Favor: “We are thinking of getting a pet rat—maybe two—and would like to meet other pet rats before we decide whether or not to get one. If you have a pet rat we’d like to come help you clean its cage this weekend,” writes a member of the TakomaDC email list. The request presently hasn’t elicited much more than this rather unhelpful response: “Given the abundance of wild rats in the District I’d be scared to add to the populace.”

All of the Lights: “Can someone explain to me why the Wilson HS Football field lights are left on almost every night and stay on all night[?]” complains a member of the Tenleytown email list. The member continues, “Even today, at 9:00 the lights are on. I can’t seem to get an intelligent answer from anyone at Wilson. I just can’t imagine how much this is costing the DC taxpayers in electrics for those light[s].” Another member, who isn’t nearly as incensed, offers, “Typically there are people (students and the general) working out or playing on the tracks and fields. Though if they stay on past midnight, I don’t know why then.”

Palisades Wilderness: On the Palisades email list, a member posts this bit of news: “Soleil, the cockatiel, is home safe and sound after his eight-hour adventure in the Palisades wilderness! He ended up about 20 feet up on a branch behind a neighbor’s house and we duck-taped his favorite perch to a very long pole and lowered him down. He is happy, healthy and un-phased by his grand adventure. Thanks to warm weather and all the neighbors and Palisades residents for their help and support!” This isn’t the first time a Palisades-based domestic bird has taken flight.

Cleveland Park, ISO: Members of the Cleveland Park email list are in search of the following: “Someone to assemble furniture” (“I’m looking for someone who is good at assembling furniture to put together some remaining Ikea stuff I don’t have time to do. Thank you!”); “relationship therapist” (“I am looking for a good male therapist in the area who focuses on relationships”); “seeking window blind repair store in D.C.” (“We’ve recently moved into a new rental home that has wood blinds, one of which just broke when the cord snapped. Many window treatment companies will only repair their own make of blind, but I’ve no idea what brand of blind we have nor which company made it”); “dentist for chipped teeth”( “Yesterday chipped by front teeth in a fall. My dentist of 25 years is in Maine, and I do not want to wait until next visit for repair. If I am lucky, the DC DDS will take my dental insurance, but willing to pay since these are my front teeth”); and “parts for girl’s bike” (“Does anyone have a girly girl’s bicycle seat and post that we could borrow for a few weeks to get a six year old who is really too big for her 16″ training wheel bike over the hump to riding without training wheels?”).