Occupy Hyperbole: For a few months now, people have been camping in McPherson Square, to the growing consternation of city and federal officials. The latest rhetorical salvo against the Occupy D.C. encampment came today from D.C. Department of Health director Mohammed Akhtar, who compared the situation to refugee camps in war- and famine-torn regions of the world. Which manages to both overdramatize the McPherson Square camp, and also minimize the suffering faced by actual refugees. All in a day’s work! -2

De-Titled: Chances were always good that the Lamont Peterson-Amir Khan fight would wind up in a rematch; that’s how boxing works, after all. But now word is that the fighters may not have a choice about it. British newspapers, taking up Khan’s cause, are speculating that the World Boxing Association could force a rematch based on what they claim was suspicious behavior during the fight, which occurred here in Peterson’s hometown, D.C. Hopefully the Brits will remember who won the War of 1812 (even if they burned down the White House in the process), and leave Peterson’s title alone. -2

Looking Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground: When historians look back on our era, what, exactly, will they make of the No Pants Subway Ride? Will it be considered a sign that even amidst an economic collapse and the general decline of the American endeavor, people still knew how to have fun? Or as the sure sign that things had gone irreparably awry? We’re not entirely sure. But we suspect there will be another one next year. -1

All-Star After All: There weren’t many bright spots this season for the Washington Redskins. But at least one ignominy—the decision not to send London Fletcher to the Pro Bowl—has now been remedied. The linebacker and defensive captain will replace injured Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher in Hawaii for the second year in a row. Hail to London, if not to the rest of the team. +1

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