Divorce Equality: When the District passed a law allowing same-sex marriages a few years ago, it was cause for great rejoicing. Some of the marriages, though, don’t appear to have kept the joy going. So now the D.C. Council is looking into easing divorces for same-sex marriages where neither partner lives in a jurisdiction where same-sex marriage is legal; the idea, apparently, would be to keep things relatively uncomplicated for any couples who only came to D.C. because it’s one of the few places in the country that treats gays and lesbians fairly. The legislation ought to confuse the culture warriors, though; right-wing types who are opposed to marriage equality should favor gay divorces, but then they’ll be on record backing special treatment for same-sex couples! Which, as anyone who tunes in to The 700 Club knows, is the centerpiece of The Homosexual Agenda. +2

Gay Enough For You?: Speaking of gay and lesbian Washingtonians, it’s time for another installment of arbitrary rankings by national magazines. Today’s edition: Gayest city. The Advocate rated D.C. only the 16th-gayest city in the country, behind some places you might not expect (Orlando and Salt Lake City finished in the top two). Some of the criteria involved in making the list: Number of WNBA teams and nude yoga classes. Should the Mystics sponsor naked yoga this year, we expect our ranking to go up. +2

Fares R Us: The latest financial scheme is out from the Metro board, and it calls for raising prices, especially focusing on paper farecards, which would cost up to $6 for a trip. Then again, train service has improved significantly in recent years, so it’s only natural that Metro would want to raise subway fares 5 percent to pay for all the upgrades. Wait, what? Oh. Never mind. -2

Basketball On The Cheap: The Washington Wizards haven’t won a regular season NBA game since April 11, which was 274 days ago. Sure, there was the offseason and the lockout in between, but the team’s gone 0-8 to start the year, and owner Ted Leonsis says it’s all going according to plan. Which may be why tickets to tonight’s game against the Toronto Raptors were going for 90 cents on StubHub a few hours before tipoff. For any visiting Toronto fans: That’s 91 cents Canadian! The good news: That’s pretty cheap. The bad news: Once you buy a ticket, you’re then doomed to watching the Wizards play. -2

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